Why open an agricultural farm

They are various reasons, but definitely all brings to the love one as for our Mother Earth. I strongly believe that our generation has the assignment to reestablish a concrete equilibrium between the real needs of the human being and those of the nature that surrounds us. I personally try to do this, ,even in a very small reality, I have begun to cultivate my land entirely with the ancient techniques by now almost lost and bringing out, in the local markets, this birthmark to give a discovery sense to all those actions that has characterized us and to go forward with simplicity for many centuries, reacting to a system consummate that is evidently bringing us toward the collapse. To initialize this insane enterprise of mine, means also to find again in the eyes of the people that I meet, the joy of tasting of the real genuine products, for many of us, almost forgotten.

I strongly believe that our landscape, the culture and the tradition which we are bound, will be the real and true key to turn the page and begin a new historical period, giving back lifetime to a lost sustainable economy until now unsaved.