Landscape and surroundings

To come and visit my Agricultural Farm means also to come close to a landscape ambient rich in biodiversity. The traditions and the hospitality of the local people are bound together that will make a special experience for you. The Abruzzo, with one third of its territory destined to National Parks and Reserves, is classified as a major Naturalistic Area in Europe. The extreme variety of its habitats it proposes today an extraordinary biological laboratory for the maintenance of the nature and the ecosystem. The Adriatic sea , on which it leans out with 133 km of coast, long beaches of sand are alternated, small forest with fresh pine tree, rocks, promontories and mortice, this can only satisfy more your staying in this splendid area. Nearby you can visit the protected Areas of the Tower of Cerrano of the old city of Atri and the National Park of Abruzzo. To visit the splendid suburbs of Atri,l Silvi Alta,, Montepagano or to cross the Vomano Valley, anciently called "Sicilian Valley", to the discovery of stupendous Abbazia of S.Maria di Propezzano.


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Calanchi di Atri

Parco Marino del Cerrano

Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e dei Monti della Laga