Why use the olive oil extra virgin

The Mediterranean diet is famous mainly for the role of the olive oil, obtained by the mechanical squeezing of the olives, that is not submitted to any chemical treatment. The Olive Oil extra virgin (the word "extra" it assures the product of superior quality) It is appreciated the taste of acidity lower than the 0,8% and is exempt from any qualitative defect . The olive oil has a good typesetting of fat (the same one of the maternal milk) acids and results to be particularly rich of sour oleico (70%), that has the tendency to maintain firm the levels of the so-called good cholesterol.

Very important it is also the presence of sour linoleico, an essential fat acid that our body doesn't succeed in synthesizing alone. In other words, in the olive oil the typesetting of essential unsaturated fat is important that this product can be considered as a medicinal food nourishment. The olive oil is also rich of substance polifenoliche with capability antioxidants, of vitamin ‘’E’’, willing to contrast the free radicals.

The Substance claim fenoliche antioxidant they are very important to maintain the comfort, a juvenile aspect and the health. The virgin extra oil of olive has, therefore, a good protection against the oxidation and resist well to the alterations of the heat: it is, in fact, the best in the frying.

Source from: ‘’Compro in fattoria’’ guide to purchase directly from the farm

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