Management of the Olive Trees

"The quality is born in the field" I believe that everyone surely agree. Just for this reason all of our operations of management of the Olive Trees are direct in order to avoid any damage of the delicate equilibrium created by the nature, in order to obtain a final product of extreme merit.

It begins with the pruning during the winter months, annually removing from the olive trees the branches that would prevent a correct solar exposure and the circulation of the air.. In this way we succeed in not creating drastic traumas to our trees assuring a correct maturation of the fruits. In the spring period we follow-up the grass infesting, that most be clean only after their natural withering. This system guarantee the biodiversity of our land given the possibility to all the bugs to feed and to be reproduced. To have a healthy field means make it alive with all its existence, vegetables and animals. Particular attention is concentrated in the periods of July-September, months when are effected weekly monitoring to defend the fruits from the principals parasitic. We intervene entirely in natural way, going to apply on a sample of olive trees the pheromones specific traps for the fly of the olives, which are the principal enemy, this allow us to understand if it is the case to intervene through commodities of natural (extracted by plants, etc) . In any case this choice is taken only for extremely serious situations. Finally arrives the autumn period, October-November, when the harvest of the olives is effected, exclusively by hand. It is one period of great joy, which gives the possibility to taste the fruit of one year of hard work in the fields.


The Pruning

The Cutting up

The Gathering